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Issue: A 15-year-old community-based nonprofit organization wanted to recreate its scope and mission.

Scenario: The Board of Directors devoted a daylong retreat to discussing the future direction of the organization.

Approach: Prior to the retreat Levy Associates worked closely with the executive director and executive committee to define key issues, clarify objectives, identify deliverables, structure discussion points, and create an agenda. The challenge was to create a day that balanced presenting information; promoting discussion; and accomplishing the defined task within the given timeframe.

Results: Acting as facilitator, Louise Levy introduced the guidelines for the day, presented speakers, led productive discussions and kept the meeting on track. The success of the retreat was measured by the fact that board members were able to talk about important issues; the discussion progressed in a productive manner; and a tangible product was produced by the end of the day. As a result of careful organization and advanced planning, the board was able to create a six-month planning process that would enable them to define the new direction of their organization.

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