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Issue: Rapid growth challenges an organization to either rethink office processes or become a casualty of its own success.

Scenario: After doing business virtually the same way for 10 years, one client ran into a roadblock. Systems that worked for a small company no longer applied to a mid-sized organization. As the firm grew the reporting structures became murkier; employees had titles but no job descriptions; and workflow procedures were undefined. To add to the confusion, the company had no formal project tracking system. This made it hard to determine both the status of a job as well as its profitability.

Most critical to the future success of the organization was the fact that the principals’ perception of the firm was based on the past. They were marketing the old company, not the new.

Approach: After interviewing the president and staff, Levy Associates developed a priority list and an implementation plan. Teams were organized to accomplish specific tasks including selecting software; creating job descriptions; writing a mission statement; repositioning the company; and updating presentation materials. Our most significant achievement was helping the owner make the psychological and emotional leap from head of a small, cozy shop to leader of a high-powered mid-sized firm. Levy Associates guided the transition and worked with the owner on strengthening leadership skills and rethinking the business.

Results: The firm now attracts larger clients consistent with their more sophisticated positioning. By marketing themselves as strategic partners, the company has more influence over decisions and outcomes. Internally, the office is much better prepared to handle more complex projects. Streamlined systems and procedures make it possible to complete projects faster, more efficiently, and with stricter quality control. Projects are more profitable because it is easier to prepare accurate estimates and track expenses. Most importantly, under the direction of strong leadership, the staff is maturing and growing.

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