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Issue: An employee can be promoted to a new position but without proper training he or she is likely to fail. And failure can be costly. Not only does an organization lose its investment in the employee; it also faces the costs associated with the disruption of business as well as finding, hiring and training a new person.

Scenario: The owner of a $20 million business was grooming his top salesperson to become the General Manager when he retired. This employee was the highest producer in the firm. In addition, she had created and developed the corporate sales division, which became the company’s highest profit center.

As part of this plan, the owner promoted the salesperson to management and put her in charge of hiring her own staff. That’s when things started to unravel. New employees would stay for an average of three months and then quit.

The owner became angry, impatient and fearful that his succession plan was coming undone. He was losing confidence in his star performer and began micro-managing her every move. Needless to say, this only made things worse.

Approach: To resolve the situation, Levy Associates served as a mediator between the two parties which immediately helped dissipate the tension that had been building. As emotions calmed, Levy Associates worked directly with the employee and taught her how to become an effective manager.

Levy Associates recognized that the employee’s initial failure as a manger was predictable. As a salesperson she only had to rely on herself. She was excellent with clients, could anticipate their needs, and work efficiently and reliably. But teaching the job to others took an entirely different set of skills.

Results: The employee is again the top producer, but now, she is also an effective manager. Her career is back on track as she prepares to take on management of the entire company.

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