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Attitude Adjustment

A friend of mine was passed over for a promotion. A job he was highly qualified for. An outsider, who was less qualified, was hired instead. My friend, I'll call him Tom, was bitter, angry and resentful. His feelings often showed when he interacted with the new boss. In addition, he began to hate his job and was making himself miserable.

After a few weeks, Tom talked to a friend who pointed out that he had nothing to gain by staying on the path he was on and, potentially, much to gain if he started to be helpful to the new boss. Tom gave it a try. He had institutional knowledge as well as insights about his fellow managers that were invaluable to his new boss.

Over time, he built a solid relationship with her and she began to trust him. Suddenly, Tom was participating in the decision making process and his ideas were being implemented. He was promoted, given flexible hours and higher pay. Most importantly, the only thing that had changed in this situation was his attitude.

Tip: Your attitude impacts outcomes. Your attitude, feelings and perceptions are the few things that you have control over in most situations. Approaching a situation with the right attitude can tip the scales in your favor.


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