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New Year Evolutions

The New Year gives you a unique opportunity to stand on the mountaintop and look at the big picture. It's your own personal Year in Review. Here are some guidelines to help you evaluate what happened in the past and to make the New Year a better, more successful experience.

  • What was your greatest success in 2005? It might be something big, like implementing a new strategy that worked, or it might be something smaller, like turning a disgruntled colleague into a highly productive member of your team.
  • Examine your success. Why did it work? What did you do that influenced a positive outcome?
  • Now look back and identify one thing you would change, if you could, in the way you reacted to a situation or plan you implemented.
  • What didn't work? What happened? How much influence did you have on the outcome? Look carefully at your contribution to the situation, it's too easy to blame others and that won't help reveal the insights you need to expand your repertoire of skills and grow.
Tip: The New Year offers the perfect opportunity to take the long view and determine what worked well in 2005 and what didn't. Be honest and realistic and write down three valuable lessons you learned that will help you evolve to become a stronger manager, owner or employee in 2006.



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