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A Leader Worth Following

In a study over a 20-year period, questionnaires were sent to 7,500 people all over the world asking what qualities they look for in a leader. Each year, the same answers kept popping to the top of the list. The qualities people, "most look for and admire in a leader, someone whose direction they would willingly follow" are:

  • Honest
  • Forward-looking
  • Competent
  • Inspiring

Leaders who are honest can be trusted, they say what they mean and don't operate from hidden agendas.

Forward-looking leaders set the direction a company or group is going. They have vision, clear goals and the ability to communicate their ideas.

Competent leaders have the skills, talent and ability to get things done.

Inspiring leaders motivate their staff to accomplish the goals they envision -- their enthusiasm is contagious.

Tip: Leadership is a complex topic; there are no foolproof formulas for success. Understanding the qualities that people admire in a leader is a good jumping off point for examining your own leadership attributes.


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