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Anatomy of a Meeting

"Drive thy meeting or it will drive thee"
(to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin)

A well-run meeting is an art form that requires advanced planning and organization. A meeting is only as good as it's agenda...and the facilitator's ability to stick to it.

If you're in charge of a meeting create an agenda in advance. Block out the meeting and assign timeframes for agenda items. This will help you prepare for the meeting, keep you on track during the meeting, and ensure that you accomplish what you set out to do.

Now take a hard look at your agenda and ask yourself, "Is this realistic? Can we cover this in the time allotted?" If the answer is no, rework your agenda.

Finally, consider sending out the agenda in advance. This enables participants to have realistic expectations and to be prepared to discuss agenda items.

Tip: Advanced planning goes a long way to create effective meetings. Well-run meetings improve productivity, keep everyone engaged, and enable participants to share ideas and learn from each other.


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