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You Have the Power, But What’s the Point?

In a New Yorker cartoon the devil asks a colleague,  “I need someone well versed in torture --- do you know Power Point?”

How many times have you been subjected to a speaker reading a speech while the words appear on the screen?   This results in half the audience reading ahead, while the other half dozes.

Power Point can be an effective tool if used properly.  It is a good vehicle to complement and enhance a speech.  It can help you add variety to your presentation, change the pace, or exemplify a point.  Graphs and charts, for example, can capture concepts and trends at a glance.  Photography --- and digital makes it easy – can personalize the talk, add variety and interest.  You can also add humor through clip art and cartoons (New Yorker cartoons are $19.95 each at: http://www.cartoonbank.com).

When you create a PowerPoint presentation start with the end in mind.  What do you want to accomplish?  Then determine the best way to present the information.

Tip:  Match your media with the message.  Use PowerPoint to enhance your presentations.
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