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The Rule of Three

In the early 80's when I was learning how to use a computer, I learned an important lesson. Whenever I wanted to perform a task, there were always 3 ways to accomplish the same thing. One might be faster, another more efficient, but all 3 worked.

This lesson can be applied to many areas of work, management and life. For example, if you're having trouble supervising an employee, think about the 2 other techniques, waiting in the wings, that you could be using. One of them might work better than the one you're currently using.

If your marketing campaign isn't getting the results you expected, think about 2 other ways you could approach the task. If you're not communicating effectively with employees think of 2 other ways to say the same thing. Maybe they'll understand it better if you reframe the message.

Tip: Don't get stuck in a rut, expand your repertoire by using The Rule of Three.

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